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MateJewelry Latest new style pearl necklace and pearl bracelet prepared for Mother’s Day

25 September, 2011


The British Royal Wedding on 29th April attracted the attention of people around the world. Queen Elizabeth also attended the wedding. Glamorous way of dressing, pearl necklace and white gloves.It was almost a symbol of the Queen. Pearl necklace is certainly Queen Elizabeth’s favorite type of jewelry. 

Women love pearls, this is no doubt. carries a variety of styles of pearl necklaces perfect for the bride, bridesmaids, especially for mom.   

Pearl bracelets and necklace adds depth and a splash of color to the wrist and neck. It is a great accessory to wear again after the big day.


NOTICES: Pearl is soft and fragile. It's easily changed because of dust or sweat. So there are some notices for keeping pearl jewelry. 
      1) How to wear Pearls: It's better to wear pearl regularly but don't wear it to go swimming or take shower. When you make up, you need to take off jewelry first. 
      2) How to clean pearls: Don't clean pearls with abluent and don't use toothbrush, rough cloth or facial tissue to rub it, if you want to clean pearl, you should use soft wet towel or fresh water.
      3) How to keep pearls: Because the rigidity of pearl is very low, we should not put it with other jewelry. Soft jewelry box. 


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"I have just received order and am quite pleased. both offer a little bit different items (both very nice quality).
                        Maria (Australia)"
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